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“Black Sails” New Trailer + Meet Max Promo

Comic-Con 2013: “Black Sails” Cast Interviews

Comic-Con 2013: “Black Sails” Interviews

Check out some interviews with Jessica at Comic-Con for “Black Sails”:

“Black Sails” Trailer

Updates Coming Soon!

Hi guys. I know it’s ridiculous that it’s been so long since I’ve updated. I’ve been extremely busy with work, school and life. I’ll be graduating (college) in a few weeks and then I’ll have a lot of time to focus on getting the site all caught up. I’m really sorry about not updating. Thanks for visiting, and I’ll be back with updates soon!

“Nearlyweds” BTS, Stills, & Promo Video

Jessica’s movie “Nearlyweds” airs January 12th @ 9/8c on Hallmark. I’ve added pictures from behind the scenes, stills and captures of the promo. You can also watch the promo video below. Previews & gallery links are below:

0015.jpg 0010.jpg 0008.jpg 0007.jpg 0010.jpg 0015.jpg

Gallery Links:
015 x Movie Productions > Nearlyweds > Behind the Scenes
008 x Movie Productions > Nearlyweds > Stills
019 x Movie Productions > Nearlyweds > Promo

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