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“The Flash” 5×10 thru 5×14 Captures & Stills

I’ve added screen captures & episode stills of Jessica from The Flash episodes 5×10 thru 5×14.

Thanks to Far Far Away Site for the episode stills.

Jessica as Nora West-Allen in “The Flash”

How amazing is Jessica as Nora West-Allen in “The Flash?!? I was already a fan of the show so I’m loving being able to watch Jessica on the show. Anyway, I’ve got the gallery all up-to-date with “The Flash” screen captures, promos & stills. Previews & gallery links below:

Thanks to Far Far Away Site for the episode stills.

New Layout + “Black Sails” Season 3 Caps

Hello. We have a new layout at the site & gallery, I hope everyone likes it! About a month ago I added “Black Sails” Season 3 Captures. I’m working on getting the rest of the site updated, look for the Public Appearances section to be updated in a few days.

“Black Sails” S4 Tonight + Jessica @ EW SAG Party

The first episode of season 4 (the final season) of “Black Sails” aired tonight! I’ll be adding captures of season 3 soon & then I’ll get started on capturing season 4. Jessica attended Entertainment Weekly Celebrates SAG Award Nominees last night and she looked beautiful! I’ve added some pictures of her at the party, previews & gallery link are below:

“Black Sails” Season 2 Screen Captures

I’ve updated the gallery with “Black Sails” Season 2 Screen Captures that were missing. Previews and gallery links are below:

2x02_X_057.jpg 2x03_XI_097.jpg 2x04_XII_047.jpg 2x05_XIII_037.jpg  2x07_XV_029.jpg 2x07_XV_068.jpg 2x08_XVI_012.jpg 2x09_XVII_061.jpg 2x10_XVIII_134.jpg

“Black Sails” 2×01 – IX Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures from the “Black Sails” season premiere. I’ll be adding captures from the 2nd episode soon. Previews and gallery link are below:

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